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Porous Cylindrical Porous Nickel Foam Filter Ni Materials

2023-03-29 132


After cleaning with polyurethane sponge, conduct conductive treatment, cut and electroplate, and then sinter the porous fine metal foam. The foam metal nickel base is used as the material, and finally the metal porous filter is formed by high temperature welding

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  1. Size: L500W1000H(1-25)mm
  2. Aperture: 0.1mm-10mm (5-130ppi)
  3. Porosity: 95%-98%
  4. Through hole rate: ≧98%
  5. Bulk density: conventional 0.25g/cm3 (customizable 0.1-1.5g/cm3)
  6. Sound absorption and noise reduction: sound absorption performance = I level, noise reduction coefficient NRC = 0.8. The porous metal material with foam structure can attenuate the sound wave energy and convert it into heat energy with maximum efficiency. It has excellent sound absorption and insulation and noise reduction functions.
  7. Electromagnetic shielding: Magnetic radiation shielding efficiency ≧70dB.
  8. Fireproof performance: fireproof grade A1, non-combustible. Melting point≧1100℃.
  9. Heat conduction and heat dissipation: thermal conductivity 90-171w/m.k. Porous metal foam has the largest specific surface area in the solid state, and is an excellent heat dissipation material.
  10. Filtration performance: The pore distribution of porous metal foam is a gradient density distribution, which can effectively block solid impurities in liquid and gas, and has high filtration accuracy.
  11. Corrosion resistance: The surface layer of the material is compounded with nickel, chromium and other metals by high-temperature metallurgy to ensure that the material has high resistance to salt spray corrosion and does not rust.
  12. Processing performance: can be welded, glued, can be cut, bent, punched


1: Petrochemical industry: terminal filtration of petroleum products, filtration of chemical carbon and alkali liquids, filtration of organic alcohol solutions, heavy coker gas oil filtration, and hydrocracking circulating oil filtration.
2: Fly ash filtration in coal chemical industry.
3: Impurity removal and filtration of raw materials in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, decarburization, decolorization and precision filtration of pharmaceutical intermediates, filtration and separation of precious metal catalysts, and purification and filtration of catalytic gases.
4: Removal of mechanical impurities in the water treatment industry, water purification, filtration after ozone sterilization and ozone aeration.
5: Clarification and filtration of milk, beverages, beer, mineral water, vegetable oil, etc. in the food industry.
6: Steam, compressed air and catalyst filtration for gas purification.
7: Gas welding technology (flame flashback valve) and explosion protection in the machinery industry.
8: Analyze the noise elimination and smooth air flow in the instrument, noise reduction and noise reduction, energy absorption and shock absorption.
9: Electronics industry: water filtration for electronics, microelectronics, and semiconductor industries.
10: Oil refining industry: Oilfield return water filtration, security filtration before reverse osmosis in seawater desalination field.
11: Polysilicon industry catalyst filtration, high temperature gas filtration, exhaust emission filtration and gas dust removal filtration, etc.
12: Fluid separation and filtration, fluid distribution, noise reduction, energy absorption and shock absorption, electromagnetic shielding, heat insulation and fire resistance, heat exchange, catalytic reaction, electrochemical process and medical plastic repair and many other aspects. Made into filters, fluid separators, heat exchangers, radiators, flame retardants, mufflers, shock absorbers, porous electrodes, catalysts and their carriers, artificial implant materials, electromagnetic shielding devices, and lightweight structural materials, etc.

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