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Nickel Foam Electronic Special Gas Filter Radiator

2022-12-08 132


Electronic specialty gas is the cornerstone of modern industry, known as the "blood" of wafer manufacturing.

Nickel foam processing technology, smoking machine radiator device, metal foam nickel lithography machine heat dissipation equipment, electronic special gas filter.

The nickel foam filter is composed of porous nickel foam, 304 stainless steel, and VCR connecting pipe. The stainless steel plate and the foam nickel are sintered together with tin. The interior can withstand 3 atmospheres of pressure.

The surface of the product is polished and polished to maintain good flatness.
Working principle: The cold air enters from the left joint, spreads and conducts through the porous nickel foam, and quickly discharges the heat in the round cake cavity from the right joint in time, so as to achieve the effect of rapid heat dissipation in this cycle.

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Material: 304 stainless steel & porous nickel foam
Surface flatness: <0.01mm
Product function: hot and cold cycle, super heat dissipation
Nickel Foam: 20PPI 24mm Thickness: 355.5mm 1g/cm3
Product size: 300*30mm (other sizes can be customized)

Sound absorption: porous structure has the characteristics of wide frequency sound absorption. High temperature resistance of more than 1100 ℃, resistance to all kinds of acid and alkali corrosion, good permeability, uniform porosity structure, fast heating and heat transfer.
Electronic wave shielding: shield about 90dB of electronic wave through relatively thin thickness. Processability: can cut, bend and simply stick. It can keep its shape stable at high temperature. It is difficult to burn at high temperature and has strong thermal conductivity.
Permeability: three dimensional mesh structure, with filtering function, the flow stability of gas and fluid is very strong. Good sound insulation

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