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Metal foam

2023-02-09 132

Metal foam is a new porous metal material with a certain number and size of pores and a certain porosity. With a small bulk density, large specific surface area, good energy absorption, higher specific strength and stiffness characteristics.

    Its through-hole body heat transfer heat dissipation ability, good sound absorption, permeability and permeability. Different parameters and indicators of the foam metal can be adapted to a variety of different uses and structural purposes, and both dual function and structure of the property.

    Therefore, the foam metal can be widely used in various fields such as aerospace, electronics and communications, transportation, atomic energy, medicine, environmental protection, metallurgy, machinery, construction, electro chemistry, petrochemicals and bioengineering, involving fluid separation and filtration, fluid distribution, Noise reduction, electromagnetic shielding, energy absorption shock absorption, thermal insulation, heat exchange, catalytic reaction, electrochemical processes and medical plastic repair, and many other aspects.

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