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Copper foam battery electrodes, filtration, heat dissipation

2023-03-29 132

Mina Feature:

  1. Size: L500 * W1000 * H(1-25)mm
  2. Aperture: 0.1 mm-10mm(5-130ppi)
  3. Porosity: 95%-98%
  4. Through-hole rate: ≧ 98%
  5. Bulk density: Normal: 0.25g/cm3 (0.1-1.5g/cm3 can be customized)
  6.  Thermal conductivity and heat dissipation: thermal conductivity 350-401 w/m.k. Copper is currently the most perfect thermal conductive material at low cost. The porous metal foam has the largest specific surface area in the solid state and is an excellent heat dissipation material.
  7. Electromagnetic shielding: magnetic radiation shielding efficiency ≧ 70dB.
  8. fire performance: fire rating A1, not burning. Melting point ≧ 1000 ℃.
  9. Sound absorption and noise reduction: sound absorption performance = level I, noise reduction coefficient NRC = 0.8. Foam structure porous metal materials can maximize the efficiency of the sound wave energy attenuation and converted into heat energy. It has excellent sound absorption and noise reduction functions.
  10. filtration performance: porous foam metal pore distribution gradient density distribution, can effectively block the liquid, gas in the solid impurities, high filtration accuracy.
  11. Corrosion resistance: the surface of the material is compounded with nickel, chromium and other metals by high temperature metallurgy to ensure that the material has high salt spray corrosion resistance and does not rust.

Processing performance: can be welded, glued, cut, bent and punched.

Copper foam can be widely used in various fields such as aerospace, electronics and communication, transportation, atomic energy, medicine, environmental protection, metallurgy, machinery, construction, electrochemistry, petrochemical and biological engineering, involving fluid separation and filtration, fluid distribution, noise reduction Noise, energy absorption and shock absorption, electromagnetic shielding, heat insulation and fire resistance, heat exchange, catalytic reaction, electrochemical process and medical plastic repair and many other aspects.

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