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Porous Iron Nickel Foam Fe-Ni Alloy Foam Metal Foam Sheet

2022-08-23 132

Porous Iron Nickel Foam Fe-Ni Alloy Foam Metal Foam Sheet
Thickness 0.2-10mm available
PPI 50 - 130PPI available
Electrical conductivity 10^6 S/m
Porosity 98%
Purity ≥99.8%
Areal density 350±20g/m2
Shape Sheet
Material Iron Nickel Foam

  Ni Foam product is composed by pure Nickel. Product shows excellent properties of corrosion resistance and hardness. Usefulness:
  (Various shapes can be produced)
  1、 Used as the base plate of positive electrode in Ni-MH / Ni-Cd battery.
  2、Filtration materials of air / oil / smoke etc.
  3、Porous electrode in Galvano-Chemistry Engineering.
  4、Elimination of heat.
  5、Amortization materials.
  6、Noise-Absorbing and Vibration-Absorbing materials.
  7、 Electromagnetic shielding materials.
  8、Catalyst carrier.
  9、Precious metal recovery.

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