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ultra thin foam copper filter screen for radiator

2022-11-22 132

Item Ultra thin foam copper filter screen
Heat transfer coefficient > 6w/(m2k)
Mechanical strength≥2.5Mpa
Tensile strength5-18Kpa
Porosity 98% 110 pores per inch (50-130PPI can be customized)
Through hole rate≥98
volume density0.5-1.5g/cm3


1、Copper foam has good thermal conductivity and can be widely used for heat conduction and heat dissipation of motors/electrical appliances and electronic components

2、 Copper is the most widely used material for making heat sinks, because properties of copper make it suitable for the purpose.Micro-porous copper foam is like an open cell structure, with an extraordinarily large number of interconnected pores distributed uniformly throughout the base copper material.

3、 Due to the structural characteristics of foamed copper and its basic harmlessness to the human body, foamed copper is also a good medical filter material and water purification filter material


1、A great feature of electric conductivity can be used as heat and lithium-ion batteries or batteries or nickel-zinc batteries and electric double-layer capacitor electrode material substrate 1 copper foam.
2、Copper foam can be used as a heat sink materials, heat-absorbing material, chemical catalyst support, electromagnetic shielding materials, filtration, damping material, battery electrode materials, noise, high grade decorative material.

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