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Ultra-thin heat dissipation porous copper foam

2022-08-22 132

Ultra-thin heat dissipation porous copper foam
Material the purity > 99.99% are sold in copper foam sheet or roll.
Dimensions 200 * 300 * 1.6 mm
Aperture 0.1mm
Porosity ≥98 % (110 inch per size of pores, holes is about 0.1 mm in diameter)
Through-hole rate ≥98
Before rolling the surface density350 g/m ^2
Bulk density 0.1-0.8g/cm3

  1、A great feature of electric conductivity can be used as heat and lithium-ion batteries or batteries or nickel-zinc batteries and electric double-layer capacitor electrode material substrate 1 copper foam.
  2、Copper foam can be used as a heat sink materials, heat-absorbing material, chemical catalyst support, electromagnetic shielding materials, filtration, damping material, battery electrode materials, noise, high grade decorative material.

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