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What are the basic characteristics of foam metal

2022-08-23 132

  Foam metal is a new type of material. Although it has been widely used in the military and battery industries, its wide application in other industries has just started, and people do not have a deep understanding of it. Before, I introduced what foam metal has in the automotive field. application? The following briefly summarizes the basic characteristics of foam metal.
  Due to the special structure of metal foam, it has many excellent properties that are different from traditional materials, such as.
  1. Large specific surface area: In the case of the same porosity, compared with other porous materials, it has a large specific surface area;
  2. High porosity: almost fully transparent structure with a porosity of more than 98%, foam metal as a filter material, low pressure drop and high flow rate.
  3. High porosity and uniform pore structure: The porosity reaches more than 95%, which is a three-dimensional porous and transparent structure, and has good metal strength. The same volume, the material weight is lighter, and the capacity is also high, and It has good sound absorption, energy absorption and electromagnetic shielding performance.
  4. It can be welded, cut, thinned, rolled and other mechanical processing. At the same time, metal materials can be recycled, which is beneficial to environmental protection and saves costs.
  5. Possess metal properties: Foam metal can be made of nickel, copper, iron, or alloy materials. Different substrates have different metal properties, such as fireproof, non-toxic, no falling residue, recyclable, thermal conductivity, etc., suitable for wide range.

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