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What are the main characteristics of foamed iron nickel

2022-08-11 132

  1. Fire resistance: keep the shape stable, flame retardant at high temperature, and high temperature resistance.
  2. Ultra-light quality: It has a large surface area, and its specific gravity is 0.2~0.3, which is 1/4 of water, 1/3 of wood, 1/10 of metal aluminum, and 1/30 of iron. The quality is ultra-light.
  3. Sound insulation: Through additional processing, a high noise interception can be obtained, and the sound insulation effect is good.
  4. Sound absorption: The porous structure has the characteristics of wide frequency sound absorption.
  5. Electronic wave barrier: Through the relatively thin thickness, the electronic wave barrier is about 90dB.
  6. Processing performance: can be cut, bent, and simply pasted.
  7. Thermal conductivity: Porous materials have strong thermal conductivity.
  8. Recycling: Metal waste materials can be 100% recycled.
  9. Exquisite appearance, practical interior: through various processing, it is suitable for interior decoration.
  10. High temperature resistance above 1100 degrees, resistance to various acid and alkali corrosion, good permeability, uniform pore structure, and fast heating and heat transfer.
  11. Breathable: Homogeneous three-dimensional three-dimensional network structure, which has the function of filtering, and the flow stability of gas and fluid is very strong.

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