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High-efficiency corrosion-resistant rectification absorption packing


High-efficiency corrosion-resistant rectification absorption packing

  Porous packing is used in PTA production of Yangzi Petrochemical. The results show that the distillation separation efficiency of the tower is improved, the product content in the extract is increased by about 3%, and the low-pressure steam flow rate of the reboiler at the bottom of the tower is reduced by 20.34%.
  The position of distillation in chemical industry.
  Distillation: The key common technology, the main chemical separation technology, occupies an important position in the chemical process industry. The investment in distillation equipment accounts for about 30-60% of the total equipment investment in the process industry.
  The energy consumption of distillation accounts for 50-70% of the energy consumption of the entire separation process.
  At present, the entire industry, including the development of foreign tower internals, is a common problem.
  1. There is no major breakthrough in thinking.
  2. Metal materials - resource and energy consumption.
  3. Small area - low mass transfer efficiency.

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