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TIO2 titanium dioxide air purification pure nickel substrate


TIO2 titanium dioxide air purification pure nickel substrate

  The main purpose:
  The photocatalyst honeycomb filter can also be made into a composite filter; it is suitable for various air purification equipment, water purification, air conditioning, refrigerators, fresh-keeping equipment, medical equipment, sterilization equipment and other fields.
  Product principle:
  Photocatalysts can generate active species such as hydroxyl radicals ( OH) and superoxide radicals (O2-) under light irradiation. These active species have functions such as antibacterial and deodorization, organic matter removal, air purification, oil decomposition, and mildew prevention. It can be used for air purification, odor elimination, sterilization, water purification, decoration, aldehyde removal, deodorization and other purposes. Photocatalyst technology has been proven to effectively remove more than 100 pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, benzene, pesticides, carbon monoxide, VOC, formaldehyde, PM2.5, etc.
  Technical advantages:
  1. Nanoscale. The TiO2 particles loaded on the surface of the photocatalyst honeycomb net are nano-scale, the particle size is 5-10 nanometers, and the crystal phase is anatase phase, which has good photocatalytic activity, self-cleaning ability and ultraviolet absorption ability.
  2. The load is firm. The photocatalyst honeycomb net obtained by this loading method has undergone various treatments such as immersion, immersion in water, ultrasonic treatment, scraping, washing, etc., and no nano-TiO2 particles are found to fall off.
  3. Honeycomb substrate. This product selects honeycomb metal as the load substrate, which has the advantages of large air contact area, large photocatalytic load, and low gas flow resistance, which improves its application effect in air purification and other fields.
  4. Excellent performance. The photocatalyst honeycomb net product has high photocatalytic efficiency, good disinfection and sterilization effect, and has obvious application effects in the fields of air purification, odor elimination, sterilization, water purification, decoration and aldehyde removal, and deodorization. It has obvious effect and better performance in removing formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, cat feces smell, tobacco smell, butyric acid smell and other projects.
  5. The shape and porosity of the photocatalyst honeycomb net can be adjusted, and different shapes of purification structural units can be prepared, which are suitable for the special needs of different industries or different manufacturers, and can be processed and customized according to requirements.
  Instructions for use and application areas:
  Photocatalyst filters can be applied to air purifiers, air conditioners, automobile purification systems, air purification in factory workshops, industrial waste gas treatment and other fields. It is an ideal new type of air purification filter product used in air purification equipment. Photocatalyst filters are suitable for air purification treatment in various large-scale places, including large-scale exhaust gas treatment in buildings, laboratories, factories, etc.; photocatalyst filters are used in hospitals, operating rooms, IVF incubation rooms, nurseries, kindergartens, families, conferences Air purification equipment for rooms, etc.

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