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Low wind resistance oil fume exhaust gas purification equipment


Low wind resistance oil fume exhaust gas purification equipment

  Characteristics of oil fume filter: The research and development, production and sales of oil fume filter follow marketization and standardization. with top-notch technology. Advanced equipment, elite team to ensure the good quality of products.
  Smooth smoke exhaust: the wind speed is 1.2m/s, and the pressure drop is only 2.1mmAq. Ensure a healthy kitchen and a good working environment.
  High purification rate of oil fume filter: the purification effect of oil fume meets (exceeds) the specified standards, and the purification process is not affected by the composition and concentration of oil fume.
  The oil fume filter is safe and fireproof: it can effectively filter the oil fume at the front end of the fume hood, so that the oil storage in the fume hood and pipes can be reduced by more than 90%. Fire hazard in road.
  The oil fume filter is environmentally friendly and energy-saving: during the use of the product, no water, no electricity, no noise, no trouble of replacing parts, and cost savings. Long-term use does not change, installation and maintenance costs are small. We have mastered the key technology of the new (fireproof) fume purifier. to reach the advanced level of technology.
  Installation and maintenance: The equipment is installed in the position of the smoke hood fire net, which is convenient and beautiful, and does not need to provide new space. There is no special requirement for cleaning. The purifier can be taken out by rotating the clip, dried with cleaning liquid, and then reinstalled, and then it can be used. Since the purifier is cleaned frequently, the long-term and continuous effectiveness of the purifier is guaranteed.

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