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Titanium Dioxide Foam Purifier, Photocatalyst Filter

2022-08-23 132

Particle size: 5nm—20nm
Coating thickness: 50nm—200nm
Pure titanium dioxide needs to be catalyzed under ultraviolet light of about 387nm. The photocatalyst experiment we are currently using requires 185nm or 254nm ultraviolet light; because 185nm ultraviolet light will generate ozone, it is recommended not to use it in an environment where ozone is prohibited.
It is recommended that the distance between the UV lamp and the filter should not exceed 1.5cm
The optimal humidity is around 50%, the formaldehyde degradation effect is the best, if the humidity is too high (higher than 70%) or too low (lower than 30%), the photocatalytic degradation effect will be significantly weakened
The recommended radiation intensity is 200W-300W/㎡

The filter is very beautiful, good structural strength , Exhaust gas treatment performance is findustry- first.

Top -quality nano-scale titanium dioxide as the basic material.
Through unique formula modulation, the product performance is leading in the industry.
metal foam materials as the carrier, and stainless steel and other materials are used as the product edge material to achieve the best use effect in different usage scenarios.

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