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1-25 mm Foam Iron Nickel

2022-08-23 132

1-25 mm Foam Iron Nickel
Foam Iron Nickel
Technical indicators Parameter
Product Name 1-25 mm Foam Iron Nickel
Thickness 5 - 25mm
PPI 10 - 95
Customization Yes
Application Used for super capacitor, nickel hydrogen battery, nickel cadmium battery, fuel cell  


  Ni Foam product is composed by pure Nickel. Product shows excellent properties of corrosion
  resistance and hardness. Usefulness: (Various shapes can be produced)
  1、 Used as the base plate of positive electrode in Ni-MH / Ni-Cd battery.
  2、 Filtration materials of air / oil / smoke etc.
  3、Porous electrode in Galvano-Chemistry Engineering.
  4、 Elimination of heat.
  5、 Amortization materials.
  6、Noise-Absorbing and Vibration-Absorbing materials.
  7、 Electromagnetic shielding materials.
  8、Catalyst carrier.
  9、 Precious metal recovery.

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