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What are the common application areas of nickel foam

2022-08-24 132

What are the common application areas of nickel foam

  1. Electrochemical Engineering Field Nickel foam can be used in electrolytic hydrogen production, electrocatalytic process, electrochemical metallurgy, etc.
  2. The field of chemical power supply It is used in nickel-hydrogen, nickel-cadmium, fuel cells, etc. Foamed nickel-type positive and negative electrodes double the performance of the battery. The foamed nickel-graphite carbon super-performance composite electrode material is an ideal material for nickel-hydrogen, nickel-cadmium and fuel cells. This rechargeable battery is used in mobile phones, computers, electric scooters, electric cars, hybrid cars, electric toy cars, charging piles, cordless power tools, electronic digital products, etc.
  3. In the field of functional materials, nickel foam can be used as a sound-absorbing material to absorb wave energy, has a high sound absorption coefficient for high frequencies, and shields about 90dB of electronic waves. It is a sound-absorbing material with excellent performance; Shielding, stealth technology, flame retardant, thermal insulation, etc.
  4. Chemical engineering field It can be used as catalyst carrier, filter medium and medium in separator. Because of its large specific surface area, nickel foam can reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency. 5. Thermal field It can be used not only as a thermal conductive material, but also as a thermal conductive "wick" material for a "heat pipe", increasing the rate exponentially.

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