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closed cell aluminium foam  for Boat Hull Automotive

2022-11-23 132

Aluminum foam is made by foaming process, It was characterized by both the properties of metal and the properties of foam. Aluminum foam has light weight, high sound absorption, high shock absorption, high absorption energy, high electromagnetic shielding performance, excellent heat insulation, high temperature resistance, and non combustible combustion characteristics. It has unique environmental friendliness.

Type Available in Closed-cell, Open-cell and Micro-open-cell

Purity > 98%

Form Sheet or Roll, depending on size & thickness

Thickness Standard: 4-10mm

Size & Shape can be made in different shape as per request

Porosity 75-90%

Volume Density 0.25-0.75g/cm3, as per request

Surface Density 200-2500 g/m ^2, as per request

Noise reduction coefficient NRC >0.75

Fire-proof level A1

Energy absorption 8J/m3-30J/M3

Compressive strength 3Mpa-17Mpa

Flexural strength 3Mpa-15Mpa

Q1: Can aluminum foam be customized?

A: Yes. You just need to provide the drawings and dimensions, we will provide you with the product you want..

Q2: How to install aluminum foam?

A: The foam aluminum material can be mechanically or fixed directly with screw connections and card slots. This easy-to-install feature can better help present a variety of stunning effects indoors and outdoors.

Q3: Will aluminum foam produce harmful substances at high temperatures?

A: No. Aluminum foam is a composite material composed of metal and pores, itself non-toxic, the main chemical component is aluminum alloy and its oxides, can be 100% recycled and reused, will not cause any pollution to the environment, high temperature will not produce harmful substances.

Q4: What are the advantages of aluminum foam compared to traditional aluminum honeycomb?

A: The middle of aluminum honeycomb is a honeycomb-like core layer, with a layer of aluminum plate on the upper and lower sides, which is generally glued. Aluminum foam is foamed during the casting process, and after solidification, it forms a porous structure. Both have the characteristics of light weight, but the production process is different, aluminum honeycomb is not resistant to high temperature after gluing, while aluminum foam has good heat resistance.

Q5: How long does aluminum foam last?

A: Aluminum foam has good weather resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, so the service life of aluminum foam can reach more than thirty years.

Product Application Areas:
Because aluminum foam has many special properties, it can be widely used in aerospace, aviation, high-speed train, urban rail train, shipbuilding, high-speed rail, construction, tunnel and noise barriers along the way. It has light weight, high sound absorption, high shock absorption, high absorption energy, high electromagnetic shielding performance, excellent heat insulation, high temperature resistance, and non combustible combustion characteristics. It has unique environmental friendliness.

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