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1.6mm Copper Foam Clad Laminate Heat Sink Metal Slabs

2022-11-23 132

Item Single and double sided copper clad plate
Thermal Conductivity 1 - 5W
Solder Mask Customized
Certificate UL、RoHS、SGS、ISO
Application LED Lighting,Power Supply,Solid Relay,Thick Film Hybrid Integrated Circuit

Q:What's your packing details?
A:We have normal packing method;If you have special requirements,pls let me know freely for discussing.

Q:Do you provide samples?is it free or extra?
A:Yes,we can offer samples,you just need to collect the freight cost.

  Apart from Aluminum, Copper is the most widely used material for making heat sinks, because properties of copper make it suitable for the purpose.Micro-porous copper foam is like an open cell structure, with an extraordinarily large number of interconnected pores distributed uniformly throughout the base copper material.
  1、Copper foam has great function of conducting heat and electricity, which can be used as the electrode substrate of lithium ion battery or fuel cell or Nickel zinc battery and electric double layer capacitor electrode material.
  2、 The copper foam can be also used as Heat sink materials, heat absorption materials, chemical catalyst carrier, electromagnetic shielding materials, filtration materials, damping materials, battery electrode materials, deadening, high-grade decorative materials.

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