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Ultra Thin Metal Slabs Nickel Foam Ni Heat Sink Radiator

2022-11-23 132

Technical Indicators Parameter
Aperture 0.1-10mm(5-130PPI)
Porosity >95%
Bulk density   0.1-0.8g/cm3
Thickness 0.1-10mm

  Mental Ni Foam product is composed by pure Nickel. Product shows excellent properties of corrosion resistance and hardness. Usefulness:
  (Various shapes can be produced)

1. Sound absorption: porous structure has a wide frequency absorption characteristics.
2. Sound insulation: through additional treatment, a high noise can be intercepted, and the sound insulation effect is good.
3. Electronic wave shielding: About 90dB electronic wave shielding.
4. Processability: it can cut, bend and simply stick.
5. Fire resistance: keep the shape stable, difficult to burn under high temperature, high temperature resistance.
6. Strong thermal conductivity.
7. It has good air permeability and filtration function, and the flow stability of gas and fluid is super strong.
8. High temperature resistance above 1100 ℃, uniform pore structure and fast heat transfer.

9.Precious metal recovery.

Application fields:
Floor damping materials, filtering materials, damping materials, decorative materials, high-grade packaging materials, structural
materials, battery electrode materials, etc.

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